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Fernando Molines Llodra

Licenciado en Arquitectura

Fernando studied Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. During his last 3 years of studies he was working part time in an academy for university students teaching structural calculation and technical drawing. He also studied in Mexico, University of California, for half a year as part of the Promoe exchange programme. He was developing his graduation project there, getting it presented and approved in Spain in 2007. He became a qualified architect in 2007.

Upon graduation he joined IDOM Spain, working in a big housing development developing the drawings for the final stage of the project. In 2009 Fernando joined Wiel Arets Architects in Maastricht, The Netherlands where he was working on high end residential projects and architectural competitions.

Fernando joined Studio Verve in Spring 2011 working on various commercial and residential projects in the UK. Fernando has been involved in many of Studio Verve's signature projects as the Project Architect responsible for the Bow Quarter Duplex conversion, Print House apartments in Clerkenwell and the new build Eco Farmhouse in Ormskirk.

Fernando has an innate passion for drawing and painting and he enjoys exploring the city camera in hand to catch some magic moments hidden in everyday reality.

Fernando Molines Llodra